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Let's Get To Work!

The Wall offers unique classes unlike any studio in the area including: indoor cycling, spin and sculpt, barre fusion,

and TRX® suspension training.  Whether you are looking to boost your endurance, build your strength or just become the best

version of you, The Wall offers classes to ignite your fitness fire and achieve your goals while having a ton of fun doing it.

Indoor Cycling
Full 45-minute cycling class
A traditional indoor cycling class on Keiser M3i bikes.
Get ready to sweat!  Build strength and endurance as our teachers choreograph their work efforts to follow the beats, builds and drops of the music!  Climb, jump, and sprint your way to the finish line.
**This is not a rhythmic based class.
Spin & Sculpt

Full 45-minute class (split between cycling and full body sculpt)

Class starts on the bike and we dedicate half to a shorter but still challenging spin session. After, you will step off your bike to perform work efforts using weights, body weight, bands, kettle bells, & more. This is the most popular class at our studio, so book your spot asap!

Spin Barre Fusion
Full 45-minute class combining the best of two low impact workouts.
This class is half spinning and half barre.
Come crush calories on the bike, while sculpting and toning with barre!
Ride and Grind
Full 45-minute class (split between cycling and HIIT workout)
The cycling in Ride & Grind is not choreographed to the music, but don’t worry – you’ll be amazed how focused you stay!
Cycling + Arms
45-minute cycling and upper body focused strength work combined.
Cycling + Low Body Burn
45-minute cycling and lower body focused strength work combined.
Express Spin

Intense 30-minute version of our Indoor Cycling class.


What to wear: SPD compatible cycling shoes or sneakers 

*Cycling shoes are NOT required for our classes, but recommended.

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The Wall - Manayunk


Opening Hours

Weekdays: 5am - 8pm
​​Weekends: 7:30am - 10am


132 Levering Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127


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